Click here to order the Physics and the Pinewood Derby video.
  • An educational video that uses the Pinewood Derby to encourage your child’s interest in Physics.
  • This video focuses on how to win. When your child brings home a trophy, he/she will gain a new appreciation for science!

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This 2-hour video will show you how to...
  • Use the principles of physics to build the fastest car possible, within the rules.
  • Set the weight and center of mass of your car to maximize speed.
  • Reduce the effects of friction.
  • Align your car’s wheels to near perfection.
  • Maximize your child’s involvement in car construction without compromising quality.
  • Build a simple test track in your garage.

Physics topics introduced in the video: Probability and statistics . The weight of the car . Wind resistance . The center of mass . The moment of inertia . The Scientific Method . And more!

A 3D rendering of our fastest pinewood derby race car.