About Us

Dr. Scott Acton

Pinewood Physics, LLC is a limited liability corporation located in Niwot, Colorado.

Physics and the Pinewood Derby is the brainchild of Dr. Scott Acton -- he wrote the script, acted as the producer, director, and main actor. The film was the direct result of his experiences teaching science to his own son through the Pinewood Derby, as well as presentations he gave to his local Cub Scout pack on what they learned. Dr. Acton is currently employed by Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado.
John Swensen
John Swensen acted as the camera-man, co-director, and editor. He contributed several of the non-filmed components of the film and lent his opinion and hand wherever possible. John is currently earning a PhD in Robotics from Johns Hopkins University. John is an Eagle Scout and has been active in Scouting for years. He currently serves as the Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout Troop.