Act III: Building the Car

In Act III, we present detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a winning car -- using what we learned in the Physics section (Act II). We emphasize safety at all times, and give guidelines for maximizing your child’s involvement, while ensuring safety. You can print out a list of materials and tools needed for building the car, by placing the DVD in a computer. You can also print out a template for cutting out the basic shape of the car.

Ripping the car body.

1. Rip the car body

Cutting out the car.

2. Cut out the car

Shaping the car body.

3. Shape the car body

Drilling axle holes.

4. Drill axle holes

Rough sanding the car.

5. Rough sand the car

Setting the weight of the car.

6. Set the weight

Polishing the nail axles.

7. Polish the nails

Setting the center of mass.

8. Set the center of mass

Smoothing the car body.

9. Smooth the body

Painting the car.

10. Paint the car

Attaching the wheels.

11. Attach the wheels

Aligning the wheels.

12. Align the wheels

Gluing the wheel axles in place.

13. Glue the axles

Test running your car.

14. Test run the car

Making final adjustments.

15. Final adjustments

Choosing your entry car.

16. Pick the entry car

* In the video, Dr. Acton will show you his unique wheel alignment technique that will help your car drive as straight as possible down the track.