Act IV: Building a Test Track

In Act IV, we present detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a 2-lane test track for testing your car prior to the competition, and for selecting an entry car (if you make more than 1 car). This track would not win a beauty contest, but it works very well for testing your cars. The nice thing about this track is that it can be made out of inexpensive scrap lumber. Further, it does not need an electronic timer to serve its purpose.

Introduction to building a test track.
Overview of a finished test track.
Description of the necessary lumber.
Description of the necessary hardware.
Description of the necessary tools.
Dr. Acton describing the process of building the track.
Using a plum-bob to mark the center of a lane.
Attaching the siding to the struts.
Letting gravity help shape the track.
Attaching the vertical supports.
Measuring and pre-drilling other holes.
Attaching the cross supports.
Attaching the base supports.
Attaching the angle supports.
Cutting the center guides to the correct width.
Sanding the center guides to prevent them from catching the car wheels.
A slide showing the proper lane separation.
Using a string and square to mark the second lane.
Using a plum-bob to help mark the second lane.
Attaching the center guides.